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Bear Creek Beef

We keep all our steers back and feed them a silage ration until they are ready to be butchered. We market the beef as Bear Creek Beef and sell it at several locations including Bear Creek Meat Market as well as Bluebonnet Meat Company, and both locations of Bear Creek Country Store. Contact us if you are interested in fresh, local, farm raised beef from Angus steers!

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Bear Creek Farms
Buy Back Program 

Requirements for consideration:

  • Predominately Bear Creek Farms' Genetics

  • Angus or Black Baldy Calves Sired by Bear Creek Farms Angus Bulls 

  • Calves Must Have a Record of Vaccination 

  • Castrated 

  • No Hormones

  • Weaned for a Minimum of 45 Days

  • Subject to Minimal Sort by Bear Creek Farms to Ensure Uniformity 

Bid price will be based on cattle of similar type and kind in competitive geographic region. 

Premium may be added based on quality and if all requirements are met. 

Procurement may be subject to needs and requirement of Bear Creek Farms. 

If you are interested in this program, contact us!

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