What We Raise

At Bear Creek Farms we take pride in the animals that represent our brand.

Proven Registered Angus Cattle

At Bear Creek Farms we strive to be on the cutting edge of the genetic potential of the Angus Breed by getting the most out of our herd by using Artificial Insemination from the best bulls in the breed and Embryo Transfer from the best cows in our herd. However, we do not select on just genomics alone, we make sure our cattle are sound, and live up to strict phenotype quality before we keep them in our herd or let them represent our Bear Creek brand.

FTW Comm Heifers 2020.jpg

Award Winning Commercial Cattle

In 1975 we started out as a commercial cattle operation, and that commercial cattleman philosophy still lives on in our herd. Our pairs have been some of the high selling lots at some of the sales in the North Texas/Southern Oklahoma region, and have won several Grand Champion banners.

Bear Creek Beef

We keep a lot of our steers back and feed them out until they are ready to be butchered. Most of them go to local Meat Markets, and others get purchased right off the place. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a steer on the hoof, or if you are interested in Local, Hormone & Antibiotic Free Beef from Angus steers!



611 W Fannin St, Leonard TX 75452

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